dewar front


Cryosauna (cryochamber) available in:

  • metallic silver outer shell
  • stainless steel (mirror or matt) outer shell
  • bamboo outer shell


Low nitrogen consumption, 2x dewar vessel (40l),
minimum cooling and drying time,
reliable, easy to operate, customizable.

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Component set for the cryosauna (cryochamber):

  • Temperature display
  • 2pcs Dewar vessels (40l)
  • 2pairs Fur boots

Additional Options of the cryosauna (cryochamber):

  • Additional Dewar vessels
  • Additional fur boots
  • Floor cushion height 8 cm
  • Decorative handles (available only for stainless steel shell)
  • Top with lights
  • Audio system (mp3)

Specifications of the cryosauna (cryochamber):

  • Power supply: 110–220±22V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 1.5 kW max.
  • Operating temperature inside the cabin (from −130°C to −190°C) attained in less than 30 s.
  • Liquid nitrogen consumption: for preliminary cooling to −130°C – max. 3,75 L, for one session – from 1,25 L to 3,75 L (averagely  1,25 L of liquid nitrogen per every minute of a session) (oversize model consuption + about 5 -10%)
  • Weight: no more than 380kg.
  • Overall dimensions: 900mm x1550mm x 2450mm (2,200mm withoutTop)


    Air-container packaging sizes and weights: Pallets 1.1850x1060x1110mm 177kg, 2.1270x810x1220mm162kg,           3.1270x820x1130mm 132kg

  • Truck packaging sizes and weights: Pallets 1.1250x800x1110mm, 2.800x1250x1310mm,  3.1850x1050x1000mm, 380kg brutto