Phototherapy – it is an influence of the light radiation with visible, ultra-violet and infrared range on various sites of a human body in the medical purposes.

It was historically known that sunlight influence in moderate quantities has very well effect on the skin of the people who have such diseases, as psoriasis, parapsoriasis, vitiligo, atypical dermatitis and many other skin diseases.

After some period of time and progress of science it was found that only the ultra-violet component of the solar radiation spectrum has a beneficial effect on the skin of such patients. Then PUVA therapy – treatment of skin diseases by ultra-violet radiation arose and began to progress. The mechanism of such therapy is that ultra-violet radiation, in particular, suppresses DNA synthesis in sick cells of skin and due to this fact there is a normalization and purification of the skin.

Serious weakness of PUVA therapy is need of use of photosensitizers – substances which do skin more sensitive to light. Use of photosensitizers is limited according to the list of contraindication and can cause set of side effects.

UVB-therapy doesn’t have such weaknesses; it has narrow emission spectrum with wavelength 311 nm. Recent researches confirmed that only wavelength of 311 nm has most expressed therapeutic effect along with minimal side effects (skin redness, painful feelings and etc.)

UVB is used to treat psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne, vitiligo, various herpes types and many other diseases.

It is necessary to pay attention on the safety of this type of treatment, lack of side effects and limited list of contraindications.

Latest researches (July, 2014) have confirmed the fact that modern UVB-therapy doesn’t increase the chance of skin cancer formation, but opposite, reduce the chance of cancer formation as a comorbidity with complex forms of psoriasis, by eliminating or reducing use of immunosuppressants that used in the treatment of skin disease.

UVB-therapy treatment can be common (if diseased skin area has big size) and local. To provide the procedure must be used special equipment that will also solve some problems:

  • exact dosage of UV-radiation during the procedure;
  • maximum efficiency of each procedure
  • minimumof side effects or their total absence.

The Unit “PsoraLamp Cabin” for common UVB-therapy has high quality “Philips” lamps (Philips UVB Narrowband (/01) Phototherapy lamps), which efficiency is proved by more than 20 years’ experience of their productionworldwide.Lamps give a uniform light stream in the narrow range of ultra-violet radiation with maximum power with wavelength 311 nm.which has the maximum therapeutic effect.Safety net protects lamps from damage during the procedure. Robust design easily holds up to 130 lbs. Timer allows you to accurately set the time of each procedure, adjusting the dose of the UV-radiation. The manufacturer provides 2 years warranty on parts of the unit “PsoraLamp Cabin” (warranty does not cover lamps, rated life of the lamp according to the information of “Philips” company – 3000 hours).