Cryotherapy chamber description

Temperature in the chamber during cryotherapy procedure drops to -190 ° C. However, temperature of patient’s skin does not fall below + 5° C thereby ensuring that there is no frostbite. Fur boots prevent the patient from coming in contact with the cooled floor of the chamber.

Actually, it is not the low temperature during the procedure that has therapeutic effect, but processes in the body that are initiated by the low temperature. This stressful procedure leads to many positive changes in the regulatory functioning of the human body. Skin in reaction to the cold sends a signal to the brain triggering recovery processes in the body, start production of anti-inflammatory molecules and endorphins, which reduce inflammation in tissues as well as generate analgesic effect. Effectiveness of extreme cold has been proven by a number of researches. Safety and multi-purpose usefulness make such procedures a very popular rejuvenation method.